Lot of (32) 1963 Topps Baseball Cards - good condition - lot vintage MLB

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(32) vintage Topps 1963 Baseball cards - you will get what is pictured here - this group is well preserved and really nice. I appreciate you taking a look at these cards in this listing along with my other groupings. I have put a fixed $75 start price on all of the sportscard listings firing up on Sunday (now) so you will have a chance to 'make an offer' at market value. I realize that may be really high a number on some of the lots but maybe not high at all on other lots. Feel free to shoot me the 'what they are worth' offer number and I won't be offended. :-) I know that you know what other folks will be offering me simultaneous to your offers. I'll keep an eye out and be sure not to wait too long to accept good offers. I look forward to your purchase and/or offer and will appreciate getting these cards into your hands where they can be displayed and/or appreciated for what they truly are (rather than buried around here). :-) - You will get what is pictured! :-)

This will ship to USA only. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. THANK YOU. Free shipping to US destinations.

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Following payment, I will ship this item quickly and it will be packaged well. I will
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