Lot of 32 Image3D View-Masters - NIB RARE FIND!

Lot of 32 brand new-in-box, original packaging "3DImage View-Masters"
These 3dImage View-Masters retail between $24-$12 each depending on quantity in the consumer market. Any standard reel will play in these View-Masters.
We are selling these for an unbelievable $2/ per View-Master.
There is no imprint on the hardware - it is completely blank aside of the exterior packaging. It can easily be resold or reused for another campaign.
There are 8 lots of 32 available. That is the only remaining quantity from this one-time, limited edition set.
Each lot will arrive in individually boxed packaging. All boxes are in unopened, brand new condition. Included with each is a 3D reel. The sticker on each box can be removed/replaced. New 3d Reels can be customized at .
View-Masters will arrive individually package in one large box (dimensions 24x12x12) in lots of 32. We will offer a shipping discount for multiple orders.
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions - thanks for visiting!