Lot Of 32 Wooden Thomas The Tank Trains 2003

This is a lot of 32 2003 wooden Thomas The Tank trains. These trains are in really good condition with only minor paint loss. The lot includes Old Slow Coach, Toby, "60 Year" Edition Henry's Tender, Murdoch, Skarloey, Aquarium Car, Ice Cream Car, Limited "60 Year" Edition Percy, Rosie, Monty, S.C. Ruffey, Lady x 2, Duck, Butch, Paint-Splattered Thomas, Big City Engine, Big City Engine's Tender, Chinese Dragon, Gordon, Gordon's Tender, Recycling Cars, Diesel 10, Jack, Duncan, Percy, Arthur, Thomas x 2, Fergus and Giggling Truck. I forgot about Giggling Truck and Fergus when I was taking pictures. They are both included with this lot.