Lot of 35 gramophone Records - Victor, Brunswick plus..

I have four books of gramophone albums. They are 78's by Victor, Victrola, Brunswick, Decca, Columbia, Signature and National Music Lover. The book covers say Columbia Records trademark Grafonola. Unfortunately, before we got them they were at a garage sale and had gotten wet, then covered with a tarp in the warm sun. Therefore, there is some mold damage on each of the books exterior. The albums themselves are fine. They are used, but look to be in good shape. There are going to, obviously, be some scratches. They would be an awesome addition for a collector. Some of the sleeves in the album are missing or ripped. The heavy paper is quite brittle with age. Included:
The Charioteers by Columbia Records, 11) classics by Victor, (4) Fritz Kreisler by Victrola, Jane Harvey and tye Page Cavanaugh Trio by RCA Victor, Theo Karle and Crescent Trio by Brunswick, Ozzie Nelson & his Orchestra by Brunswick (black label), Mother Macree (Dennis O'Toole) by National Music Lovers New York, (2) Jascha Heifetz by Victrola, Varsivuebba music by Jack Rivers Boys MacGregor Hollywood, Rosamunde-Ballet Music from the Philadelpjia Orchestra by Victrola, George Hamilton Green by Columbia, Pablo Casals by Victrola, (2) Harry Reser and His Orchestra by Decca, Victor red label, (2) Victor Blue label Master Shura Cherkassky, Brunswick Gondolier Trio,
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