Lot of 47 Mixed Comics, Marvel, DC, Image, Eternity

Lot of 47 Mixed Comics

This is my personal collection of mixed comics. 47 in all and they range from all over the comic spectrum. I don't know much about ratings or condition but they are in good condition, no rips or folds. They've been stored in a light and smoke free climate controlled environment. This makes a great addition to any personal collection or store that's looking for a few extra comics to sell. The collection has isses from X-Men, Superman, The full 4 issue series of Firestar, Spiderman, Spidergirl, Captain Harlock, GI Joe and lots more. (See the full list below) Winner pays $8.00 Shipping. I'm keeping the starting price low on this (Less than 50 cents an issue) so these comics find a good home. Good Feedback for good buyers. !

List of Comics in this Lot:

Firestar #1
Firestar #2
Firestar #3
Firestar #4
The X-Men Havok #29
The Dark Phoenix Saga X-Men #36
The Uncanny X-Men (The Fall of the Mutants) #226
The New Mutants (The Fall of the Mutants) #60
Supergirl (The Daring New Adventures of) #1
Little Dot #66
The Uncanny X-Men #219
The Uncanny X-Men #249
The Uncanny X-Men #232
The Uncanny X-Men #233
The Uncanny X-Men #234
The Uncanny X-Men #236
The West Coast Avengers #22
Supergirl (Ameriican Honda Presents)
Mars #1
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