Lot of 5000 Circulated wheat pennies cents from the 1940's through 1958

5000 Lincoln wheat Cents from the 1940's through 1958 Counted by a coin counter. I've made sure all are wheat cents "no memorial cents" Great mix of coins and dates. Mostly problem free. I've tried to remove all the culls and replaced them with good coins. I've included a handful of extra wheat cents to cover any problem cents that I might have missed. This is a small part of a large wheat penny estate I've purchased, I didn't search or cherry pick the coins. Just made sure they were all 40's and 50's like what it said on the bag. I did see dates like 55-s 49-s 43-s 54 in them. I think you will be pleased. There are nice steel cents included also in this lot. Pics are of the actual coins being shipped.
I will to ship via standard USPS medium flat rate priority mail. I will only ship to buyers on the continental US 48 states. Paypal only.