Lot of 51 Ultra, Secret, Super, Rare Yugioh Cards- Stardust, Luster Soldier,etc!

You are bidding on a lot of 51 yugioh cards. They consist of secret rares, ultra rares, super rares, and rares. I do not know much about these cards but they appeared to be more exspensive cards and more rare to find. All of the cards appear to be holographic or shiny except for four of them out of the 51. I am no card expert but would say the cards range from light play wear to near mint with exception to a couple. All the cards are in clear protective sleeves. This would be a great lot for anyone who collects cards or is looking for a lot of hard to find cards. The cards in this lot are :

1. Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning- IOC-025 Gold Title and 1st edition.

2. Gellenduo - DLG1-EN112 Gold Title

3. StarDust Dragon - DP08-EN014 1st edition. 4. StarDust Dragon- CT05- EN001 Looks like rainbow title and Limited Edition.

5. X3 Jinzo- YAP1-EN007 Gold Title all Limited Edition,and artist edition.

8. Elemental Hero Prisma- DPCT-EN002 Limited Edition and Gold Title.

9. Red-Eyes B. Dragon- YAP1-EN002, Gold Title, Limited Edition.

10.Exodia Necross- MC2-EN003, Rainbow Title, Limited Edition.

11. Contract With Exodia- DR1-EN193, Not Holographic and normal title.

12. Tragoedia- JUMP-EN033 , Gold Title, Limited Edition, Very Small crease in top left
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