Lot of 60 Undivided Back, Pre-Linen, Linen, and Post-Linen Postcards


The photos which accompany this listing are of those postcards which you will receive in this lot. There is a photo of each individual postcard included in this listing for your review. My postcard lots are not a grab bag.

This group is comprised of 32 unused and 28 used postcards.

The majority of my postcard listings are of small towns to large cities in the United States and are mainly purchased through local estate sales.

My listings of this type consist of undivided back, pre-linen, white border, linen, and post-linen postcards. Due to the age of these postcards (many 75-100 years old) there may be some corner wear, etc. However, no postcard is included in the group that I would not include in my own personal collection.

Once a listing ends and you have been the successful bidder, an invoice will be sent to you. If you are "watching" additional postcards which I have listed, please do not pay from the initial invoice, but wait to pay (within a 7-day period) until the listings end which you are interested in. I request you handle payment in this manner so that I can continue to offer "free shipping". An invoice is sent to each winning bidder once the listing has ended, but again, I ask that
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