Lot of 61 DJ 12 Inch Singles Techno House Bass Drum NM

This is a lot of 61 DJ records. They are all 12 Inch. Some are 45 RPM and some are 33 1/3 RPM. All of the records are in their original dust jackets or sleeves (some of which are just plain white) there is wear and writing on some of the jackets and sleeves and the records are mostly in NM condition, a couple may have a minor surface scratch of paper scuff.

The Records are:

Future Funk The Early Years - The Times - Ain't It Funky - Black Classical Music - Take It Away - Switch Lock - Dark Side Of The Moon - Funky Clave - House Market II - Plastic City Records - 2 Record Set. Serendipity - BXR Moise Maker Records. Art Of Moise - The Drum And Bass Collection - Something Always Happens Remixed by Doc Scott - Opus 4 Remixed by PFM - Eye of a Needle Remixed By Lemon D - Kiss Hatian Vampire Mix By Digital Pariah - Ode To Don Jose Remixed By Dom And Roland - Island Remixed By Seiji - Crusoe Remixed By Aquasky - Art Of Love remixed By ILS - Camilla The Old Old Story Remixed By J. Majik - Yebo Remixed By Lightfoot - Peter Gunn Remixed By Flyright - China Records - 2 Record Set. Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta - Ready To Explode!? - Use Your Mind Mix - Feel The Drums Mix - Lightning Records. Tony Estrada - Patterns - Corbett & Troia Remix - Derek Wright Remix - Tony Estrada's Original Mix - Oval Records. Joi Cardwell - Soul To
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