Lot of 642 mixed Twin Galaxies / Walter Day video game trading cards

642 cards. Yes, that reads 642 cards in one lot.
Walter Day has been producing video game trading cards at a rabid rate over the last several years and over that course of time I have obtained tons of them, some from live events I have been part of around the country and others sent to me by him directly and by some of the people featured on the cards.
Problem is, I don't collect trading cards. As we begin some Spring Cleaning for 2015 we are posting things we don't want or need on eBay and this is one of them. While we might not have interest in having these, you might.
For those unfamiliar with these cards, they mostly feature people from throughout the video game industry history and culture. True pioneers such as Ralph Baer, Nolan Bushnell, Howard Scott Warshaw, Eugene Jarvis and others are included. Also in the lot are noteworthy video game personalities such as Hayley Bright, Rachel Lara, Tommy Tallarico and countless more, as well as King of Kong stars such as Steve Wiebe, Walter Day, Todd Rogers, Brian Kuh and Barney Mitchell and numerous other cards featuring people such as former Donkey Kong champion Hank Chien, the ever-popular Brian Allen, Q*bert champion George Leutz, arcade marathon champion John Salter, the Donkey Kong player Jug Band and various pro gamers from the world of eSports.
All of
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