Lot 7 Walt Disney Story Books HEATH 1939 1940s Excel

Absolutely beautiful set of seven books from Walt Disney Story Books. These seven are from 1939 or 1940s and are in spectacular condition. Each shows very little wear on the exterior and only a few have wear on the interior. This is not the complete set of these books but what are are terrific. T are a sampling of interior photos from a few of the books to show the beautiful full color illustrations which are consistent throughout all seven. The covers are fantastic showing no damage and very slight wear from handling. Markings and discoloration are at a minimum on all seven. The interiors are excellent; bright white pages and almost no damage; no folds or tears. Colorful and vibrant illustrations. The previous (and maybe original) owner (Michelle) has offered some of her own artwork in the way of names and random marks in pencil and crayon; mainly on the opening title pages. Mickey Sees The USA, 1944, Caroline Emerson has the most writing; a dozen pages throughout and repairable.Walt Disney's Pinocchio, 1940, Dorothy Baruch, (one torn page, repaired very well). Mickey Never Fails, 1939, Robin Palmer. School Days in Disneyville, 1939. Water Babies' Circus and Other Stories, 1940. Donald Duck and His Friends, 1939. Donald Duck and His Nephews, 1940 (water stain down spine, slightly yellowed). The spines are all intact and excellent. ... read more