Lot 1/700 Skywave, Trumpeter, Tamiya, Fujima

Large Lot of 1/700 Scale Carriers and planes and Photoetch - 1/35 US Army Figures too!!

Skywave 1/700 Iwo Jima invasion - one of the landing craft was built but otherwise it is complete

Fujima 1/700 Lexington and Saratoga - the deck of the Saratoga has been spray painted and the sprus on the Lexington have been cut - otherwise all complete

New Mold 1/700 Shinano and the 1/700 Junyo - open but totally complete and like new

Trumpeter 1/700 Hornet - open but totally complete and like new

5 boxes of 1/700 Trumpeter US Carrier Aircraft - SBD, F2F, F3F, TG-2, SBU - so you can build in early 1940's or late 1930's for both the Sara and Lady Lex

Photoetch - Gold Metals Saratoga, White Ensign Hornet/Enterprise, Eduard Shinano

Paypal only - I'll ship within 2 days of getting paid -