Lot of 72 1960's Lesney Matchbox Collector's Case Die Cast Metal Cars Catalogue

Official "MATCHBOX" Series - Deluxe Collector's tri-fold Case dated 1968 filled with 1960's Matchbox models 1-75 made in England by Lesney. Case is missing handle, worn and torn in poor-fair condition, and holds 72 cars; 12 cars each in six trays; trays are in good condition. All the vehicles were played with, some harder than others, but most are in good condition for their age with paint-wear/chips present on all - to some degree. I acquired this collection from its original owner, and along with it is the "Matchbox" 1967 Collector's Catalogue - U.S.A. Edition - from which he ordered and personalized this collection. Photos 1-6 show the vehicles in this collection paired with the ones shown in the catalogue; photos 1-8 show the vehicles in the exact same order as they appear on the list below (example: pic. 1 shows series numbers 1-12, which include the first 10 vehicles on the list, etc.).

No 1 Aveling Barford Road Roller – good condition; paint wear

No 2 Muir Hill Dumper – good condition; paint wear; right side decal worn

No 4 Stake Truck – very good condition

No 6(B) Euclid Dump Truck – good condition; paint wear

No 7 Refuse Truck – good condition; looks like left side of container has a full length hairline crack, but nothing shows on the inside

No 8(A) Mustang – Special
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