Lot 9000 + MTG Magic The Gathering Cards/game VERY NICE

You are looking at a 15 + year collection of MTG Magic The Gathering trading cards/game.

These belong to my Daughter and Son-in-law who have moved out of the country and asked me to sell them.

They are in mint condition, numerous different "game" names, cards, cards in sleeves (some priced from dealers).

I am a middle aged man who has ABSOLUTELY NO desire to look through 9000 cards of any type, so after talking with others who collect these, researching past and present eBay auctions I think I have set a very fair price for any collector! You never know, t may be ONE or t may be ALOT of valuable cards in this collection........IT JUST WONT BE ME WHO FINDS OUT! lol

Thank you for your interest!

PS....t is a set of DICE included which I do not know if they are even MTG merchandise.