Lot of 5 AE, Abercrombie, Aero T-shirts, Medium

This is 5 Men's American eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, & Aeropostale shirts. Size Medium.

1. The first one is a Fushia Tee from american eagle. Has a eagle on the chest. and says AE 6279. in the background it says Am Eagle No 77 REG T/M. Good preworn condition.

2. The second one is a light blue American eagle one. Says American Eagle with the eagle on the front. This one is in good condition.

3.The third one is a white Aeropostale with navy sleeves. It says Aeropostale Athletic division since 1987. Good condition. Soft material.

4. The fourth one is a green American Eagle. Says Am eagle in really vintage lettering. This one is in good condition.

5. The fifth one is an orange Abercrombie & Fitch that says Cougars Abecrombie with a cougar on the front. Mild washwear on this one.

Nonsmoking home. Payment is expected within 3 days.