Lot of Aero Mini Aeromini Boeing B-707, B-727, Douglas DC-9, Diecast TWA Pan Am

Up for your consideration is a fleet of 60-70s vintage aero mini aeromini airplanes, aircraft, planes. You will get a TWA DC-9, a Pan Am B-727, and B-707 and a stand that will fit all three narrow bodied fuselages. The Boeing 727 is mint. The B-707 has the paint issue on the HF Antenna, and the Trans Word Airlines DC-9 has the paint issue as described and the issue with the "W" which is applied over the gap or crease of the rudder and vertical fin. All three air craft are in great condition, and will look stunning in a diorma or on your bookshelf. These planes are nearly 45 to 50 years old. Yes, the newer Shabank maybe more detailed, however, these plane models defined the category of detailed scaled and were sold at higher end retailers and were difficult to find. These are not re-paints; these are the original deal from the 60s. Gear is all there and functions properly on all models. Tires all there. Everything is complete.
You can re-live the era of Joe Patroni, Vernon Demerest, Tanya and Gwen at Lincoln International. I have too many models and my wife told me to thin out the herd. I have priced these to sell.
I will be happy to expend the effort to ship internationally. However, I have no control over postage, customs fees, and duties. The law is the law and it is what it is. expect to spend anywhere from twenty
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