Lot (5) Antique German Bibles Songbook 1882-1910

Lot (5) Antique German Bibles Songbook 1882-1910

You are looking at a group of (2) Bibles, (2) Songbooks, and (1) Devotional Book, all written in German from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are in various conditions as described below:

Christliches Gedenkbuch: This looks to be a daily devotional with illustrated scripture verses on each day of the year. T are very pretty plate pages between the months with gold accents (see the second picture). This book has some pencil writing - names and dates, and the spine has pulled loose. The first few pages of January are missing as is the title page. I don't know how old this is, the pencil dates are 1918 and 1919, but it may be older.

Small leather bound bible dated 1907, the name Edward Mente is embossed on the front along with decorative borders. Gilded edges, in very good condition.

Small leather bound songbook dated 1910, the name Selma Mente is embossed on the front with other decorative designs.

Larger old and new testament Bible, D. Marten Luthers (Martin Luther?) is on the title page. Not dated, very old. The front cover is detatched . The spine and back cover have some fraying. The edges are gilded.

Liederbuch fur Sonntagsfchulen - Small Songbook. Dated 1882, green cloth cover, spine is loose but attached.
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