Lot of assorted Star Wars Micro Machines, action figures and more

You are bidding on, basically, a box of played-with Star Wars toys. This is part of my online garage sale. Welcome! These toys have been collected, loved, and have, individually and collectively, saved the universe about eleventy-billion times.
What you get: I don't actually know. There's about 28 action figures (no accessories), 5 Micro Machine character head sets with assorted tiny characters in them, and some random larger ships and toys, all in various used conditions,. There's also a complete set of the Micro Machines Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back set of ships that's in perfect shape. The box was trashed but never opened so I removed the ships to photograph them.
Any of it collectible? I have no idea. Mainly I'm putting this out there for someone who wants to buy their kid -- or themselves -- a pile of Star Wars toys. Go for it.