Lot of 6 Ball Perfect Mason Quart Blue Emerald/Green Canning Jars 1923-1934

Up for auction is 6 vintage "Ball" PERFECT MASON quart canning jars. They are in very good condition with no cracks or dings. One jar has a chip on the underside of lower lip. This in no way would hinder using it to can, nor is it highly visiable when sitting upright. Embossing of "PERFECT MASON" lettering varies from from High to medium. All are centered style of the Perfect Mason with only one of the dropped "a". One is underscored with five without. This group includes two 8 rib gripper jars . Notice also, the bottoms of those jars! They have the additional rings surrounding the number. The 8-grippers were first made from 1933-1934. For the collector, this is a great set.

The "fogging" in a couple of the jars is steam as a result of having just washed them prior to photographing! Will be doing additional cleaning of the water stains before shipping. I have been told these should not be used in modern canners as it may be too hot for them. I know they were used in the early 1980s.

The jars were made by the Ball Company during the period of 1923-1934. Some have described these as blue. Those more educated in these collectable jars class them as emerald green. I have slight color blindness, so I will let you decide.

Following is a small history of the Ball Jar progression.

The Progression of a
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