Lot Baseball cards trading MLB 17 mixed player Beckett & more collection GRADED!

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This particular item for sale is :

(17) Mixed MLB player cards - graded and slabbed cards from the 90s-2000s era - these come from some different collectors and sportscard shop buyouts from many years ago - I'm finally getting around to listing these - for many years they were buried deep in boxes, on backs of shelves, in the darkest part of the closet :-) - please see pics - slabs are good condition and grading was done by some varying companies for the original sport card shops, etc. - I see Beckett, I see Mint Grading, and I see FGA, WCG and Advanced. I am hoping these depictions will be meaningful to you. I have sorted by sport and/or type of card in the varied listings. You might find price tag from original dealers on these in some cases. I appreciate you taking a look at these cards in this listing along with my other groupings. I have put a fixed $75 start price on all of the sportscard listings firing up on Sunday night so you will have a chance to 'make an offer' at market value. I realize that may be really high a number on some of the lots but maybe not high at all on other lots. Feel free to shoot me the 'what they are worth' offer number and I won't be offended. :-) I know that you know what other folks will be offering me simultaneous to your offers.
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