LOT Bells of Sarna excellent condition vintage bells

Bells of S.S.Sarna

Up for auction is a large lot of Bells of Sarna. They are unusual, beautifully made and decorated, vintage brass bells from India. All are in excellent condition.

1. Sarna India Wedding Bells with original rope and 2 original tags. T are 3 brass bells with metal hangers and ringers and engraved sides The rope is woven shiny red and white, 20" long with a loop on one end. One tag tells about Sarna Bells, the other tells about India Wedding Bells. These are from 1955. They are all marked on the inside with "Bells of Sarna India" and the middle bell also is marked 64 T2.

2. Sarna brass bell attached to brass device for dialing a rotary telephone . The metal ringer has a tinkling ring. The sides are engraved with what looks like a carrot, leaves and a flower. It is marked Sarna Brass India 547.

3. Sarna Pease Porridge bell has 2 engravings. One has a red outlined girl in a dress holding porridge and the other looks like a child on a swing. Written along the bottom of the bell are the words "PEASE PORRIDGE HOT PEASE PORRIDGE COLD". This adorable bell is 2 " tall and the bottom of the bell is a 1 1/2" diameter. The inside says S S Sarna India.

4. Large vintage brass temple bell with metal ringer and leaves and flowers engraved on the out sides. Including the handle it measures
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