Lot of Bionic Woman PARTS to the Inflatable Dome House and misc

I will consider offers to end this early with a Buy it Now. I just didn't know how much to ask. As you can see, I didn't try to inflate this. As old as it is, I worried about hurting it. I have also completely forgotten the difference between Barbie stuff and the things that went with the Bionic Woman. Lots of things are missing, so just consider this to be parts. I don't think everything goes with it. I will have to use a large box to prevent further damage. Most items have missing parts or damage like curling labels. Things do have yellowing and dirt. This is the exact item that is for sale.

US bids only. Please note, it can take up to four days for an item to be mailed, though usually your item is sent within 48 hours. This is due to the fact that I actually live in a small town that is part of a larger one, and the hours our post office is open is usually very limited. In addition, our carrier (who drives his mail car, not walks) complains loudly if I give him/her a package and leaves passive aggressive notes in the mail box of other ways to get my packages picked up. Thank you for understanding.