Lot of Bionicle and Hero Factory!! Instructions!! Club Comics!! Plus extras!!

These will keep you busy for a looooong time! Even the sets that have a missing piece or two are in otherwise very nice shape, no abuse. None os the sets are missing any structural pieces that keep them from functioning as designed. A lot of pieces that usually disappear, like weapons and firing balls, are here with their sets. All instructions are included, and I figure the Lego Club comic books are a bonus! I can ship these in pieces, which will reduce the shipping cost, or as complete, built sets. As such, I'm leaving the shipping as calculated and the buyer can instruct me on shipping method.
Sets missing piece(s): Hero Factory 2235 Fire Lord Bionicle 8935 Nocturn 8923 Hydraxon 8625 Umbra
Complete sets: Hero Factory 2192 Drilldozer 2194 Nitroblast 2231 Waspix 7145 Von Nebula 7148 Meltdown 7156 Corroder 7157 Thunder 7167 Furno 7179 Bulk/Vapour Bionicle 7117 Gresh 7135 Takanuva 7136 Skrall 8688 Toa Gali 8692 Vamprah 8695 Gorast 8699 Takanuva 8932 Morak 8977 Zesk 8979 Malum 8981 Tarix 8983 Vorox 8984 Stronius 8987 Kiina 8989 Mata Nui 8991 Tuma 8994 Baranus V7 One set unsure of number or name
I am a part-time eBayer with a full-time job that is entirely unpredictable. Please be patient as Saturday is the only reliable day for me to ship. I have perfect feedback and package all items with extreme care and experience.
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