Lot of Christian Music CDs - You Pick the 5 you want!

is a fantastic DEAL! The highest bidder gets to choose the 5 you want! To my knowledge, these are in good, used shape. Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking and good luck!
Huge list to choose from:
Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven in the Real World
DC Talk - Freaked
Organic Records - Sampler
Stonehill - Thirst
Curious fools - Electric Soul
Caedmon's Call - Long Line of Leavers
Michelle Tumes - Listen
Michelle Tumes - Center of my Universe
Paige - Paige
Angra - Holy Land
Smalltown Poets - Listen Closely
SonicFlood - SonicFlood
Starflyer 59 - The Fashion Focus
Maire Brennan - Whisper to the Wild Water
GLAD - Who Do You Love?
Pray For Rain - Pray For Rain
Mercy - Mercy
Carolyn Arends - I Can Hear You
Dime Store Prophets - Love is Against the Grain
The Corbins - Three
Dakota Motor Co. - Welcome Race Fans
Dakota Motor Co. - Into the Sun
Caedmon's Call - 40 Acres
Storyville - Anthology
KarenLeigh - KarenLeigh
Christine Glass - Love and Poverty
Silage - Watusi
Rish Mullens - in America
Chris Eaton - What Kind of Love
Ceremony - Hang Out Your Poetry
John Elefante - Windows of Heaven
John Elefante - Defying Gravity
The Waiting - Blue Belly Sky
The Insyderz - Fight of My Life
Iona - Beyond These Shores
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