Lot: Cinderella Fan Club Memorabilia + AUTOGRAPHED pics

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Cinderella Fan Unite!!! If you're a Cinderella fan, look no more. Included in this lot are some hard-to-find items from the now disbanded Cinderella Fan Club and SEVEN (7) AUTOGRAPHED items.

This lot includes:

Official Fan Club Newsletters 1-12, plus special Polaroid Issue. Each issue contains band member profiles, tour dates, merchandise information, fan club winner information and other info. The fan club name Cinderella After Midnight was given for Issue 5.

All issues are in excellent condition. Some issues have mailing labels still attached (Issues 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.) Issues 3, 5 and 10 have the merchandise order form cut out but the rest of the newsletter is still intact. The Polaroid issue shows behind the scenes of recording Heartbreak Station.

Fan Club Membership Card and welcome letter

1990 Official Fan Club Christmas Card (3 duplicate cards)

1991 Official Fan Club Christmas Card

1992 Official Fan Club Christmas Card

Official Cinderella After Midnight fan club T-shirt, XL, never been worn. Black with purple logo

One official Fred Coury Drumstick, white with purple writing

14 Cinderella Rock Cards (3 of each member plus 2 band photos)

3 live AUTOGRAPHED 3x4 pics (one each of Tom, Eric and Jeff)

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