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of the Orient




Beautiful Pair limited edition Cloisonné Plates

These are numbered plates designed by

Mou-Sien Tseng

These plates are the first in a limited edition Plate Collection set from 1990 & âe~91. I have the original advertising flyer that the first owner had, itâe(tm)s in the photo. She wrote on the back the dates ordered, 18 Aug âe(tm)90 & 2/13/91. She initially paid $26 for each plate. The record of Acquisition folder has two âeoeCertificates of Authenticityâe inside. Fidelity is No. 1723 and Femininity is No. 0575- the gold labels are still on the back of each with the dates-

FIDELITY-Pink lotus blossoms with a pair of Mandarin Ducks-

The Legend âe¦ It is said that when paired, Mandarin Ducks show a singular degree of attachment to one anotherâe¦and pine away and die when separated. For this reason, they are emblems of of conjugal fidelity. The lotus is a symbol of purity and perfection, as it grows out of the mud but is not defiled . Fidelity © HC 1990

FEMININITY-White doves with pink flowering tree. I donâe(tm)t have the sale flyer on this one so I donâe(tm)t know the legend, but it is still lovely. © HC 1991

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