Lot 4 Coin & Stamp Framed Plaque Collection Great Cond.

Four Coin and Stamp Plaque Collection

In this auction you will recieve 4 coin and stamp plaques: The Pioneers, The Trailblazers, The Forty Niners, and The American Indian. All plaques are in great condition, however some coins do show discoloration. Within the lot includes coins that appear to be uncirculated along with coins that show some wear. Please feel free to ask any questions!!

The Forty Niners Plaque includes : a capsule of silver granules, 4 Liberty "V" nickels (1910, 1912, and unknown), 2 gold plated Liberty Nickels (1901 & unknown), Nevada Centennial stamp, California Centennial stamp, and a Silver Centennial stamp.

The Pioneers Plaque includes : 10 Buffalo Nickels (1928, 1929, (3) 1936, and (5) unknown), Swedish Pioneer 1948 Centennial stamp, 1970 Bison Wildlife Conservation stamp, 1964 Sam Houston stamp, 1971 Missouri Statehood stamp, and a 1946 Sante Fe Expedition stamp.

The Trailblazers Plaque includes : (1) 1935 Mercury Dime made of 90% silver, 10 "Wheatline" Cents ( some are showing discoloration, see pics), a Oregon Territory Centennial stamp, Washington Territory Centennial stamp, Utah Centennial stamp, Oregon Statehood stamp, and Fort Kearney Nebraska stamp.

The American Indian Plaque includes : 2 Indian Nickels (1929 & 1937), 2 Buffalo Nickels (dates unknown)
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