Lot of 2 - Commodore Vic 20 Comptuers 1 Power Supply PET Keyboard - TESTED!

Lot of 2 - Commodore Vic-20 Computers
Early 1980s Vintage - with one 9v Power Supply
Computers Tested and Work!

Offered for sale is this 2 piece lot - Commodore Vic 20 Computers - Early 1980s.

If you were a kid from the 70s (like me!) your first computer may have easily been a Commodore Vic 20. We made the most of the 3.5kb memory, dealt with the confines of the 22 character screen display, saved our typed-in programs on cassette tapes....but we liked it!

One of the computers has the older style PET keyboard with the more squared off keys.
Includes ONE matching 9V power supply that works on both of them. We only had one supply so including that with both of these.

NOTE: see our store for other Vic-20 gear, cartridges and tapes. We recently found a nice collection of vintage Commodore software and hardware in an estate.

Condition: Both computers have been tested and found to work. Tested on a tape drive and cartridges, all worked fine.
The computer with the PET style keyboard, has 2 keys that probably need some cleaning - the "1" and "I" keys - see the test screens in the photos. The formerly white cases have changed to the familiar yellowing of age and UV exposure.
Some minor scuffs and a little dirt - although we did clean them as much as possible.
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