Lot of 3 old Conder or Condor tokens -

1791 Yorkshire Hull halfpenny, D&H 20, A20. OBV: Gulielmus Tertius Rex 1680; REV: Hull halfpenny; EDGE: Payable at the warehouse of Johnothan Garton & Co; COM. 1791 Yorkshire Hull halfpenny, D&H 25, A26. OBV: Hull halfpenny; REV: Nemo me impune Lacesset; EDGE: payable in London Bristol & Lancaster; COM. 1792 Nottinghamshire Nottingham Donald & Co halfpenny, D&H 6. OBV: Donald & Co stocking manufactures wholesale & retail halfpenny payable at; REV: N.29 Bull Street Birmingham 1792 (beehive & bees); EDGE: plain; COM.

Condition as shown in photos.

We know very little about these tokens other than what we've read over the internet, so please ask questions if you have any concerns. The information provided is what was written on the coin envelope by the previous owner.

Please see my other listings for more Conder tokens. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Thanks for looking!

These tokens are from the same collection wildflower_je was selling from. The majority of the tokens I will be selling are marked "COM" for common.

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Conder Tokens , also known as 18th Century Provincial Tokens , were first minted In 1787 by the Parys Mining Company that mined copper ore . They had plenty
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