Lot Country Cabin Type Miniatures -Doll, Wood Bed, Pot Belly Stove & Accessories

For your consideration is this cute and functional set of Doll House Miniatures that have a "Country" or "Western" Cabin feel. Included are:

One (1) Wood Bed, with Mattress and Pillow;

One (1) Bed Mattress;

One (1) Pillow

One (1) Blonde Doll, with Cowboy Hat;

One (1) Pair of Red Long John Underwear, with Buttons;

One (1) Pot Belly Stove with Cooking Surface;

One (1) Metal Well Pump;

One (1) Metal Rifle with painted details;

One (1) "In Fisherman" Magazine;

One (1) Pick Axe;

One (1) Fire Bellows;

One (1) Metal Red Cup and Saucer;

One (1) Dutch Oven with removable Lid; and,

One (1) Red Lantern.

The Wood Bed is made entirely of wood, including the mattress slatting. The Bed is about 1 7/8" tall, 3" wide and 4 3/8" long. The mattress and pillow fit the bed perfectly. The Blonde Boy Doll is 4 1/8" tall and fits the bed perfectly. He has a removable Cowboy Hat and wire arms and legs, which allow movement. The Rifle is 4 7/16" long and fits the Doll. The Well Pump is 2 7/8" tall. The Long Johns are 2 5/8" in length. Finally, the Pot Belly Stove stands 5 3/4" tall and is 1 7/8" wide at the bottom. It has a 1 5/8" diameter cook top. It is also sturdy and looks to be made of perhaps a light metal and plastic.
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