Lot of 7 Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Pins (22744, 13329, 15533 and more!)

This auction includes the following pins...
Pin 15533: The Search For Imagination Pin Event - Dream (Belle) Pin 9028: DS - 12 Months of Magic Series (Belle) Pin 1326: WDW - Belle (Face) Pin 13329: Sparkle Princesses (Belle) Pin 23631: WDW - Princess Premiere (Belle) Free D Rose Pin 22744: WDW - Princess Premiere Birthstone (Belle/November) Pin 12991: DS - Beauty and the Beast Pre-Order Pin #1
I collected all of these pins while working at Walt Disney World in 2004. All are in great shape and will be wrapped in individual packets of bubble wrap prior to shipping. I will be posting 17 pin auctions in total this month (the remainder of my collection) so be sure to check out the rest!
I apologize in advance for the picture quality in some of these listings. My digital camera doesn't seem to like shiny objects and turning off the flash often resulted in blurry images.