Lot of Eight British Silver Proof Coins

Lot of Eight Silver Proof Coins from Great Britain. List and short description below:

1. 1977 25 New Pence Silver Proof in plastic Cap.

2. 1983 1 Pound Silver Proof Coin in Presentation Box.

3. 1983 Same as the above coin.

4. 1984 1 Pound Silver Proof Coin. This 1 lb coin is double the thickness and weight as the other 1 lb coins. This coin was not listed in my book. The COA with this coin shows the weight to be 19 grams compared to 9.5 grams of the other 1lb coins. The other 1 lb coins have ASW of a little over a quarter oz. So this coin will have over half oz of silver.

5. 1987 1 Pound Silver proof Coin in Presentation Box.

6. 2003 2 Pound Silver Proof DNA Double Helix Coin in Presentation Box.

7. 2004 2 Pound Silver Proof 1st Steam Locomotive in Presentation Box.

8. 2005 2 Pound Silver Proof End of WWII Commemorative in Presentation Box.

Coins 6,7 & 8 above all have the outer portion of the coin Gold Plated on both sides.

I hope my photos and descriptions do these coin justice. Thank you for view my auction and good luck.