LOT 3 Old FIGURAL Can Opener Advertisement Ladie Lion ROCHESTER SALMON FALLS NH


Low Start w/ No Reserve!

Am pleased to have this offering of THREE FIGURAL CAN OPENERS with ADVERTISMENTS on them.

This first one has a lady on both sides, with one side also having adv "COMPLIMENTS COCHECO BOTTLING WORKS, INC ROCHESTER, N.H.". The other side has a more complete lady showing her early swim suit, goes almost to her knees... she is holding up slightly so as not to get it wet in the water she is standing in. Has "PATD" but no date. This can opener has a key ring and key still attached. This opener has a the head of a LION on both sides, and on one "COMPLIMENTS of PASCAL CARON SALMON FALLS, N.H.". The other side has "PAT'D" but still no date. This opener also has a lady on it, her swimsuit is slightly more revealing and she is holding on to a rope going down to a board she is standing on in the water... like skiing or something... not sure? "PAT'D". The reverse also has partial lady and advertising... "COMPLIMENTS of COCHECO BOTTLING COMPANY ROCHESTER, N.H.".

These are all kinda scuffed and dirty... I wiped them gently with a cloth but nothing else... will leave that decision/process to you...

Am now listing lots of watch fob & key chain type items just now... all found together in someone's wooden box of keepsakes. You might want to take a moment to view the
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