Lot of High End 89 Golf Balls Nike Callaway Wilson

Some of the boxes are not in the best shape and at least two boxes are promotional balls with some sort of advertisement on them. There are 89 total (one of the Top Flite XL 2000 packs is missing a ball). Some of the boxes have been stored around moth balls so they smell a little strange. The included Balls are:
-15 pack H*C*T Tour Top Flite -12 Pack Nike One -(2x) 3 pack Nike One +Platinum -3 Pack Callaway HX Red -3 Pack Strata Cadillac -3 Pack Metal Matrix -(3x) 3 pack Wilson Jack -(2x) 3 Pack Strata professional Balata -2 Pack Top Flite XL 2000 -3 Pack MaxFli Noodle -3 Pack Wilson TC2 Tour -3 Pack Maxfli D*Tec -3 Pack Pinnacle Power Core -3 Pack Pinnacle 1 Gold -3 Pack Wilson Ultra Competition -12 Pack Strata 2001 Commemorative Ryder Cup Golf Balls (Oldsmobile)