Lot #5 HORNBY/COMET GWR 41xx Class LARGE PRAIRIE 2-6-2T 4135

Lot #5


I have made a decision to completely change my modelling direction; consequently I am listing a large number of GWR(BR) items that include Loco's, Loco kits, Coaches, Coach kits, Wagons, Wagon kits, various buildings and general GWR-related items. Please be aware that I am not a professional kit-builder or painter; all the items for sale are my own and finished to a standard that suits my own standards. Almost everything is weathered to some degree using powder, not airbrush.

This is an old Hornby body (which was definitely the best bit!) mounted on a fully sprung Comet chassis with Romford driving wheels. It has a Mashima motor and a Comet 50:1 gearbox. It has never been used on a layout. I have test run it this morning and it runs well and with a bit of running in I am sure will improve. Grubby BR Black, early crest.

PP £5.00 signed for.