Lot of inside primed 45-70 casings and bullets-Fort Craig, New Mexico

These 45-70 casings and spent bullets were found by a metal detectorist around Fort Craig, New Mexico back in the 1960's. They are inside primed, with some being headstamped as being made by the Frankford Arsenal as follows: C-F-1-80, C-F-12-79, C-F-9-78, R-F-5-80(2), R-F-6-81, R-F-12-81. Five others have no headstamp, indicating manufacture before 1877. All have the normal dents and dings associated with dug relics. Never been cleaned- nice patina. Fort Craig was manned from 1854 thru the late 1880's. Great Indian Wars display items! Always glad to combine shipping if you win multiple auctions. See my other auctions for more 1850's, Civil War and Indian Wars relics. !