Lot of 7 Kids Drawing How to Draw Books Animals, Funny Faces, Nemo, Plants, Bugs

Lot of 7 Kids Drawing How to Draw Books
Draw It! Wild Animals by Patricia Walsh & David Westerfield
(Anteater, Bison, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Moose, Panda, Tiger, Toucan, Wolf, Zebra)
You Can Draw Animals by James Mravec
(Dog, Cat, Goldfish, Frog, Horse, Cow, Pig, Penguin, Dolphin, Alligator, Monkey, Elephant, Lion, Tiger)
Finding Nemo by Nancy Parent
(Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, Deb/Flo, Gurgle, Peach, Jacques, Chum, Anchor, Bruce, Tad, Pearl, Sheldon)
How to Draw Cartoon Insects by Curt Visca and Kelley Visca
(Ant, Ladybug, Honeybee, Dragonfly, Cricket, Firefly, Walkingstick, Mosquito)
Quick Draw Flowers and Plants by Kingfisher
(Cactus, Fir tree, Oak tree, Palm tree, Toadstool, Seaweed, Daisy, Holly, Prehistoric Plant, Pitcher plant, Orchid, Poppy, Waterlily, Primrose)
Quick Draw Cats and Dogs by Kingfisher
(Labrador Retriever, Prowling Cat, Big Dog, Fat Cat, Puppy with a ball, Sleeping Cat, Jack Russell Terrier, Sitting Cat,
Dachshund, Alley Cat, Dog Begging for Food, Kitten with a ball of Yarn, Greyhound, Cat and Mouse)
How to Draw Funny Faces by Barbara Soloff Levy
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