Lot of 8 Ladies Vintage Hats Rhinestone, Bows, Faux Fur

An Assortment of Ladies Vintage Hats For Many Occasions. These are from the 40's on into the 60's. Most are in good condition, a couple of them have some moth damage.


1. Black Velour Hat. Printed inside: Genuine Velour Flamand Registered Imported Fur Sole Distributors Henry Pollak, Inc. New York.

Tag reads: Valerie Modes ADJ MSC. Fitted cap style hat in really good condition.

2. Black Velour Hat. Printed inside: The Vienna Velour Body Made in Austria. Tag reads: WILMINE. Hat in really good condtion, there used

to be netting attached. Beautiful and stylish.

3. Black Felt Hat with folds and touch of rhinestones. Printed inside: Glenover Henry Pollak New York. Print is faded. Hat in really good


4. White Fauz Fur Hat with Wide Brim. Printed Inside: Imported Made in Italy Soleil Glace' Tag reads: Originals By Lee Bury Of Dallas.

Also 22 tag. This is a really great hat!! White Faux Fur, wide brim white ribbon surrounds. A few small spots of moth damage and small

spotting from wear. Nothing to detract from the statement it makes.

5. Small Pink Cap Hat with Rhinestones. Printed inside: Fur Felt Merrimac. Tag reads: 22. The body of this hat is in good condition and the

rhinestones climbing up the sides are spectacular.
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