Lot Leap Frog LeapPad Plus Writing System (2) & 22 Books With Cartridges

Leap Pad Lot

This is a lot of 2 Leap Frog LeapPad Plus Writing System's. 22 Books and Cartridges (two of the books do not need cartridges). The books include:

Phonics - I know my letters

Phonics I know my short Vowels

Phonics - I know my long Vowels

Phonics - Tad's Good Night

Science - Leap & lost Dinosaur ( 1st gr)

Science - World of Dinosaurs (6 to 8)

Geography - Seven Continents ( 3rd to 5th gr)

Math - Monster Money (4 to 6 yr)

Math- Counting on Leap (Pre school)

Brain Twister - Search & Find Puzzles (3rd to 5th gr)

Brain Twister - Search the City (3rd to 5th gr)

Quantum - Smart Guide to 3rd grade - Master Fundamental Skills

Quantum - Treasure Island - Classic Chapter Book

Reading - Anna First Ballet ( K to 1st gr)

Reading - Arthur's Lost Puppy ( pre sch to 1st gr)

Reading Disney's Bounce, Tigger, Bounce (pre sch to 1st gr)

Reading - Finding Nemo ( pre sch to 1st gr)

Reading - Leap's Friends a to z (pre sch)

Reading -Disney Princess Stories (pre sch)

Games & Activities - Learning Letters & Sounds (pre sch)

LeapPad Book - No cartridge need for this book Story- (pre s)

LeapPad Book - No Cartridge need for this book Story (pre sc)

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