Lot Of 9 Life Magazines On VIETNAM -Faces Of The American Dead, The Draft, Plus+

Lot Of 9 Life magazines on Vietnam
Some are in better condition then others, but there all in acceptable condition.
- AUG 20 1965 The DRAFT f
- OCT 22 1965 Vietcong Ambush , Mary Martin in Vietnam.
- FEB 25 1966 Special Section on Vietnam
A searching assessment
- The plus side
- The strategy
- The Dissent
- NOV 4 1966 The Presidents Trip
- OCT 27 1967 Inside the cone of fire at Con Thien
- JUNE 27 1969 The Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam " One weeks Toll"
- OCT 24 1969 The day of Dissent Impact of the Nations Vietnam protest
- MAY 22 1970 Our forgotten wounded
-Clark Clifford on Vietnam, set a date and get out.
** all the magazines are in acceptable condition. NOV 10 1972 Questions for peace, the front and back page are loose and no longer attached,
- oct 22 1965 Mary Martin in Vietnam looks to have some water damage and is stained through out.
The rest are in better condition, no missing pages as far as I can tell
- the address Labels is still on the front pages of each magazine,
Please look at pics thoroughly and use the zoom to make sure of condition issues.
same day shipping before 4pm .
Thank you.