This auction is for misc. Lionel train items. As of 01/31 this aution has been updated with as many details as possible so please send an email with any questions.

A little History: This train was my grandfather’s and father’s Monday night hobby during the late 40s and into the mid early/mid 50s. They had a 50'x18' room in their basement where this train was setup and was actually quite a show piece. My grandfather was very neat and meticulous and I’m sure during that time it was taken very good care of, but after it left his hands the train was not treated as nicely; some my fault as a child. In the early 70s (when I was 8 or 9) I took a portion of the train and setup a small track at my house. Unfortunately, 2 of the trains (Santa Fe and Penn Steamer) had a head on collision and fell off the table. The Penn has some paint chips in the front and a portion dented and one of the Santa Fe engines has a cracked cover. After that occurred I was banned from using it and we moved a few months later and that was basically the last I saw of the train until a few weeks ago when my parents moved. In the back of a barn behind lawn machinery and under boxes of old family movies and slides were 8 boxes of train items. So since 1978 it has sat in a barn in boxes. Apparently many mice have had their fun living in the boxes and the elements
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