Lot of Marjolein Bastin Violets Sunflowers Butterfly Greeting Cards Birthday++

This bid is for a lot of brand new Hallmark Marjolein Bastin cards! These are so pretty, with butterflies, flowers, and birds. Each card comes with a decorated envelope (see the last picture, all of the envelopes are the same with the flowers and a butterfly). Each card measures 4 3/4 in X 6 3/4 in. They range in price from $2.99 each to $3.99. This is a mix of 4 birthday and 2 "friend" cards. The sentiments starting in the upper left hand corner are, "In this busy world it's wonderful some people have the art of taking time for others--of giving from the heart" then inside it says, "Thank you for just being you." the 2nd card says, "Give yourself the gift of gentleness today....." (then inside it says) "Wishing you a quiet moment to refresh your mind and renew your spirit". Next is, "My friend: I have loved creating a garden of memories with you" (then inside), "I'm so glad to have a friend like you. You're such a special part of my life. Happy Birthday.". Next is a gorgeous blue bird with sunflowers card with "Celebrating you" then inside "Hope your day is full of little reminders of how special you are. Happy Birthday". Next is a spretty flower scene with "Enjoy your day" and then inside, "Wishing you joy, contentment and all the special blessing life can hold, especially on your birthday". And lastly is a beautiful butterfly ... read more