#2 Lot of Misc. 1/35 German Acc kits, spare parts & PE

Lot of miscellaneous accessory kits, Photoetch sets and spares box.

Several sets of MagicTracks for PzIII/IV, Fruil tracks are partial sets as is the MK set for the pz II. the MK set for the Sd.Kfz. 7 is complete.

AFV 105cm sets are, I believe compete, the the Great Wal 20l setis sealed. 6 different sets of Lionroar width indicators - complete.

Velinden radio set - complete

laser cut Panther wooden ammo boxes - new 2 different

WWII Productions Panther Ice Sprags - complete

Plus model German fuel and P.O.L. set and Wire reel set

Crushed German Fuel drums

Signifer - 5L german oil cans

Adler's Nest partial set of TII track pins

Aber radio racks - used.

Griffon - Sd.Kfz. 234 PE set with 2cm barrel

Griffon - King tiger turret ammo racks

Lion roar and Griffon German Smoke launcher sets

2 different sets of Hudson and Allen German card board boxes

4 divided storage boxes with spare tank parts and OVM, ammo crates, fuel cans and radio parts and racks

Spare parts are mostly Pz III and IV with some 1/2 track and KT.

Shipping by UPS within 3 days of payment. PayPal only. No international sales. No exceptions.

All relevant questions will be answered. Additional information and pictures
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