Lot of 7 Monser High dolls w/Holt Hyde 1st ed. READ LISTING BEF. BIDDING

This is a lot of 7 Monster High dolls. (3) Frankies, (2)Draculauras,(1) Ghoulia Yelps,(1)Holt Hyde. These all include their or. clothing & shoes plus some acc's.( earings,belts,bracelets etc.) except Holts shoes are not original.All are in PLAYED WITH condition. They are a bit "sweaty" & disheveled. They are my daughters & she played with them not display them. Holt Hyde has damage to his left leg & both hands. He is still a bargain at this price for he is easily restorable with parts & a little work. Seeing as how one in mint condition can go for $80 & above. The clothing acc's alone can go for decent $$ by themselves especially Holt Hyde's clothing. He comes with his stereo back pack dealy as well.