Lot Of 10 WW II Navy Sailor Letters U.S.S. Oceanus Ship

An original lot of 10 World War II vintage letters including the envelopes written by Navy sailor Hugh Sunderland who was on the ship U.S.S. Oceanus. All the envelopes have the address of Cleveland, Ohio and have the U.S.S. Oceanus as the return address. The following are some excerpts from some of the letters:

Oct. 2, 45

Hi Darling,

No letter to answer this time but plenty to write about anyway...We are now docked in Shanghia the strangest city in the world I guess. Anyhow I've never seen anything like it & I've seen very little of it so far. It's locate down the wang Poo River near the Yagtze.....The river was full of Sampan & Junks of all shapes & sizes. T is a large group of people who live right on the river in these queer boats. It must be a helluva life. They come alongside the ships & trade knicknacks or sell all kinds of small articles. I bought a flexible watch band like the one you sent me.....I also traded a 5 packs of cigarettes for a real opium pipe. It's cast brass & all shine dup. It'll make quite a knickknack for a mantle piece........The J_ps & German's are still They've got them penned up in one section of town. Some J_ps tried to escape in a couple junks yesterday but one of our patrol boats caught them before they got out of the river. The Yangtze isn't cleared
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