Lot of 100 Marbles All Reds, Akro Agate Slag & more, NR


I'm selling most of my personal collection over the next few weeks. Please check out my other lots. I collect marbles that I think are beautiful an d interesting. I don't always know the maker or official name. When I do, I will indicate that, otherwise, I will describe them as best I can.

I'm starting all my auctions at a low cost with No Reserve .

This auction is for:

100 marbles . T is a mixture of Vitro Agate All Reds, Akro Agate Slags, clearies, slags, peerless patch, opaque, catseye, bananas, handmade and machine made. This is a marvelous grouping.

Largest = 15/16" Smallest = 9/16"

Please email me with questions or if you would like different pictures of the marble. I learned quickly that taking good pictures of marbles without glare and close enough to see detail is a tough job. I've done my best, but please ask if you don't see something clearly enough.