Lot of 20000 pokemon cards SOLD IN LOTS OF 125+ MINT

Its new shipment of ex series cards U p for auction is 125-175 pokemon cards.

This is our Super lot of 125-175 pokemon cards You are guarenteed a lot of Holos or Rares with this auction. All cards are in Mint Condition .

Cards come from many different sets like:

Ex Team Rocket Ex Deoxys Ex Dragon Ex F ire Red Leaf Green Ex Unseen Forces Ex Delta Species Ex Holon phantoms . Crystal Guardian, Dragon Frontier and even to many more sets to mention You will receive duplicates with this auction.You will receive a lot of common and uncommon cards. This is a random picked auction all cards come from a lot of well over 20,000 cards with well over 3,500 Rares and Holos. you are not bidding on 20,000 cards. you are bidding on 125-175 cards. These cards have never been in play. All cards came from factory sealed booster packs . You are not guarenteed cards from the picture.

It is becoming harder to find the older cards to complete your sets this may be one of your last chances to do so.we buy direct from suppliers.

Please do not bid unless you are over 18 years of age or have parental consent.

Shipping Policy:

We do not combine shipping on our lots since we package them seperately.so they do not get mixed up since we have so many types.

You are paying $9.99 for shipping and handling
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