Lot of 23 Wild Turkey Decanters

LOT OF 23 WILD TURKEY DECANTERS ALL IN EXCELLENT SHAPE AS THEY HAVE BEEN HOUSED IN DISPLAY CASES FOR THE LIFE OF THE BOTTLE NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED ARE SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE PICTURES Limited Edition Ceramic: "Spirit of 76" - No.2,3,5,6,7 Limites Edition Porcelian: Series II No 1 1979 Full Series II No 2 1980 Series II No 3 1981 Full Series II No 4 1982 Full Habitat I-A 1988 Habitat I-B 1989 Wild Turkey Fighting No 3 1983 Wild Turkey & Skunks No 12 1986 Wild Turkey & Bobcat No 2 1983 Full Wild Turkey & Racoon No 5 1984 Full Wild Turkey & Coyote No 10 1986 Full Wild Turkey & Owl No 8 1985 Full Wild Turkey & Red Fox No 5 1985 Full Wild Turkey & Falcon No 11 1986 Full Wild Turley & Poults No 6 1984 Full Flying Wild Tukey No 1 1983 Full Turkey Gobbler by W.V. Gaither 1980 Mack Truck 75th Anniversary Full BOTTLES COME FROM A NON-SMOKING HOME AND HAVE BEEN VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF. THESE BOTTLES ARE SOLD FOR THEIR COLLECTORS VALUE ONLY, THE CONTENT OF THE VALUE HAS NO VALUE. I WOULD PREFER FOR THE LOT TO BE PICKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HAVEING THEM SHIPPED, PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR A QUOTE I ALSO HAVE A NUMBER OF JIM BEAM DECANTERS THAT I AM LOOKING TO SELL.