Lot of 4 demilled Garand receiver pieces and 1911 slide

This lot includes 4 demilled M1 Garand rifle receiver pieces and a 1911 slide.

For the ebay police, these receivers have been cut IAW military specifications and are no longer considered firearms or controlled items. They have been cut by torch and/or saw to render them completely unusable as a firearm.

Garand receiver consist of 3 rear haves and 1 front half...SA 2195881, SA2076070, SA5338721 and REP12 D 28291-9 SA. Since they have been demilled, they are rough. A bit of surface rust and t which should clean off to make a nice display. The SA207 receiver is very rusty but still a good sample to show your tax dollars at work

1911 slide is of unknown origin. It is extremely corroded and cannot be made servicable. Who knows if its miliary or commercial, but put it with the Garand receivers and no one will ever know.

As you could expect, these 5 metal parts are heavy. Best way to ship this one is in a priorty mail flat rate box...$8.95 anyw in the US.