Lot of 40 Vintage BAKELITE Buttons SEE CLOSE-UP PICS!


Some people ask me what I do with the buttons I buy at auctions, estate sales and on Ebay. I enjoy seeing them, sorting them, learning about them, cleaning some of them and then selling them. I never keep any of the buttons I buy, but I have an opportunity to enjoy them before selling them.

As a matter of perspective, t is a ruler at the bottom of the close-up pictures to show approximate sizes. I did test these buttons with simichrome polish and they all tested positive for bakelite.

Please keep in mind that these are used buttons, and I would consider them to be in Very Good Condition . T may be some light scratches or discoloration on some of the buttons. As you may see by the pictures, I did not clean any of the buttons. Please see the pictures so you can better evaluate their quality.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to EMail me.


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